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Meta Samo NFT Collection

Meta Samos are your Metaverse Companion
Meta Samos are a collection of [redacted] Baby Samoyed NFTs frolicking around the Ethereum blockchain. Meta Samos grant the earliest access into the BabyAI ecosystem.
In return for the early support, Meta Samos can be staked to earn 10% (100 Billion) of the total AIBS token supply!
Voxel style artwork makes Meta Samos the perfect companions for your metaverse journey. Meta Samos are compatible with all major metaverse worlds within Web3.
While the primary use-case of Meta Samos is distributing their first-mover allocation of 100 Billion AIBS token, we are exploring new exciting integrations of AI with NFTs. Eventually, we plan to evolve Meta Samos into "Smart NFTs" powered by BabyAI. We imagine a world where you can ask your Meta Samo any question, or to perform any task online. A cute companion that functions as an AI assistant!