🌊Staking Pool

Key AIBS token utilities are accessed by depositing AIBS in the AIBS Single-Stake Pool.

  1. Revenues and fees generated from BabyAI monthly subscriptions, website advertisements, AI NFT Minter and Data Sales are used to buy AIBS from the open market and deposit it into the AIBS pool.

  2. Users can lock AIBS token in the pool for 1-month periods for substantial reductions to monthly subscription costs.

  3. The AIBS Initial Farm Offering (IFO) will distribute 2.5% (25 Billion) of the entire AIBS token supply over 3-months via the AIBS Single-Stake Pool

NOTE: More details on exact AIBS staking mechanics will be revealed in the upcoming V2 whitepaper update. The team is researching the best gas-optimized approach for staking that is intuitive for new users starting their journey in Web3.

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