BabyAI is revolutionizing the way users access generative AI technology


The first wave of generative AI users are tech savvy with a finger on the pulse of new technological trends. This is the easiest sector of users to onboard. However, in the coming years years AI won't be limited to tech-natives. It will have a similar reach as Google with over 4.3 billion users worldwide.
The race is on to contribute towards AI adoption and onboard the next 4+ billion users!

What is BabyAI?

BabyAI makes AI easy and rewards users for every prompt they generate!
BabyAI is a one-stop platform that connects users to the top generative AI applications in text, image and (soon) video. BabyAI makes it easy for anyone to leverage generative AI technology via expert prompt engineering that is built-in to the platform. Creators can also convert their AI artwork into digital collectibles with one-click using the BabyAI AI Image to NFT Minter!
BabyAI uses the power of Web3 token economies to offer a robust incentives structure that blows away Web2 competitors. Users are rewarded with AIBS token for every prompt they generate. AIBS rewards help to gamify the user experience which keeps users coming back for more!
Data is one of the most valuable resources that is gathered from users on the platform. The data generated by BabyAI is owned by AIBS token holders.
Despite the incredible advantages that Web3 has to offer, we are aware of the challenges associated with onboarding noncrypto-natives. This is why BabyAI utilizes a traditional account model which the masses are already comfortable with and have access to. Users can earn AIBS token rewards off-chain without requiring a Web3 wallet. Users can make the decision to transfer their token rewards on-chain at their own pace. This is how Web3 will reach true mass adoption!

AIBS Token Basics

  • Utility Token for BabyAI Platform
  • Buyback and Burn AIBS with BabyAI Revenues
  • Buy and Distribute AIBS Rewards via AIBS Single-Stake Pool
  • Tiered Reductions in Monthly Subscription Costs
  • Tokenized Ownership of BabyAI Data

Featuring the Cutest Branding

Our cute "Baby Samoyed" branding is perfect for welcoming new users and onboarding them to our suite of AI tools. The BabyAI platform features a balance between cute branding and clean UI/UX that guides users to their ideal results.
The Baby Samo branding is supercharged by the Arf Arf Army; a community of more than 38,000 that has grown together for close to two years!
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