BabyAI Whitepaper
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Revenue Model

BabyAI features four initial revenue streams with more coming in the future

BabyAI Revenue Streams

  1. 1.
    Monthly Subscription Model
  2. 2.
    Paid Advertising on the BabyAI Platform
  3. 3.
    BabyAI NFT Minter
  4. 4.
    Data Sales
BabyAI will launch with four initial revenue streams. A portion of revenue generated will fund the operational costs of generative AI software as well as smart contract gas fees. The monthly subscription model and overall fee structures are designed to generate significant margins beyond core OpEx.
Additional revenues are used to buy AIBS token from the open market. A portion of the AIBS tokens will be burned, driving deflation within the token economy. The remaining AIBS tokens will be deposited into the AIBS Single-Stake Pool and distributed back to the community.

Monthly Subscription Model

There are costs associated with generating AI text, images and video using the most powerful AI technology on the market. Different levels of compute power are required when generating text vs images vs video and therefore each generative medium has a different cost. The monthly subscription model will cover the hard costs associated with the generative AI software. Several subscription tiers will accommodate the needs of different users.
Users can stake AIBS token in the AIBS Single-Stake Pool to reduce their monthly subscription fee below competitor rates.
The user-centric BabyAI platform provides ideal conditions for targeted marketing for traditional web advertising on the platform. This is another substantial revenue vertical that BabyAI can excel in.

BabyAI NFT Minter

BabyAI enables users to mint their creations into NFTs with one click. The BabyAI Minter will feature NFT tooling that enables anyone to create a generative NFT collection with tons of traits. This expansion will greatly increase the quantity of fees and revenue generated by the BabyAI Minter.

Data Sales

BabyAI produces valuable data every time a user generates text, images or video. We will store this data to fine-tune internal data sets and allow third party companies to purchase the data as well.