📈Revenue Model

BabyAI features four initial revenue streams with more coming in the future

BabyAI Revenue Streams

  1. Monthly Subscriptions

  2. Advertising

  3. Data Sales

A portion of revenue generated will fund the operational costs of generative AI software as well as smart contract gas fees. Additional revenues go to buy AIBS token from the open market. A portion of the AIBS tokens will be burned, driving deflation within the token economy. The remaining AIBS tokens will be deposited into the Staking Pool and distributed back to the community.

Monthly Subscriptions

BabyAI features two subscription tiers: basic and unlimited.


BabyAI operates on a "freemium" model where users can access basic features with advertisements included.

Data Sales

BabyAI produces valuable data every time a user generates text, images or video. We will store this data to fine-tune internal data sets and allow third party companies to purchase the data as well.

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