Join over 10,000 happy users and earn crypto when you use chatGPT

What is BabyAI?

BabyAI is an app that rewards users with crypto for using generative AI.

The beta launched with a diverse set of AI template generators. Our templates enable anyone to harness the power of generative AI in work, life and social media. Users can interact directly with GPT-4 using a chat interface with fun personalities.

Best part? Every time you use BabyAI, your crypto rewards grow!

The BabyAI beta has seen significant growth, surpassing 10,000 app downloads on the Google Play Store. A majority of our users are tech novices that are learning how to navigate generative AI for the first time.

LLM Aggregator

The next stage of BabyAI introduces a novel concept that we are calling "LLM aggregation." BabyAI routes prompts through top large language models (GPT-4, Claude 3, Llama 2) and delivers the responses in a single package. Users can earn a crypto reward by picking the generative AI response that they like best.

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