BabyAI Whitepaper
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Why did you stealth launch AIBS token?

AIBS was stealth launched on the Ethereum blockchain at a $40,000 fully diluted market cap. This gives AIBS token a fair launch foundation that is inclusive to everyone. With AIBS there were no private sales or VC allocations. We mean it when we say there is no BS with AIBS.

Why did you launch AIBS on Ethereum?

The goal for BabyAI is to reach as many users as possible and Ethereum is the ecosystem that will enable us to accomplish this.
Also, we wanted AIBS to have the provenance associated with launching on Ethereum along with the freedom to easily bridge onto any L2 (Arbitrum, Optimism, BASE, Polygon, etc) and even Solana using Wormhole.

How does BabyAI add value to BABY (Baby Samo Coin)?

BabyAI adds value to Baby Samo via two main components. First, a value accrual flywheel will distribute revenues generated by BabyAI onto Solana where we will buy and burn BABY from the open market. Second, the association of Baby Samo to a fully fledged AI platform is sure to bring more eyes and excitment to the Baby Samo community than would ever be possible otherwise.