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Who is Baby Samo?


In October of 2021 something incredible happened, a Baby Samoyed puppy was born on the Solana blockchain! Baby Samo is a meme-forward coin with a serious mission. Baby Samo led innovations in Solana as one of the first to develop NFT staking infrastructure on-chain, and the first to enable holders to exchange and burn NFTs for a fungible token.
Over the past two years the Baby Samo community known as the "Arf Arf Army" has grown a ton! Scaling to 38K+ followers on Twitter with over 9K unique BABY holders.
Our community has accomplished so much with Baby Samo; generating hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of BABY buy-backs while also leading the Solana ecosystem in charitable donations.
The Arf Arf Army donated over $42K USD to Best Friends charity!
As the community grew, so did our ambitions. After several months of conceptual design and planning, we are ready to show the world what we are building with BabyAI. If successful, BabyAI will change the lives of our community and our users.
If this is the first time hearing about Baby Samo and BabyAI, we welcome you to the Arf Arf Army. Let's change the world together!