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Democratized Data

AIBS token holders own BabyAI data!
Valuable data is gathered every time a user inputs a prompt into BabyAI for text, image or video generation. This data is extremely helpful to BabyAI for continuously evolving the built-in prompt engineering support and developing our own custom datasets. However, the value of BabyAI data extends far beyond internal platform growth.
AI technology runs on data and requires increased data sources to scale. Overtime BabyAI will generate tons of data from end-users in several different niches and professions. AI startups and industry-specific companies will find a lot of value in the data that BabyAI generates.
Our catered AI platform will generate curated data from a wide variety of people and professions. High value data ranges from $35 to $89 per person when purchased by Data Brokers. As BabyAI scales to hundreds, thousands and millions of users the data collected will carry significant value.

Revenues from selling BabyAI data will go to buy/burn AIBS and distribute rewards via the AIBS Single-Stake Pool