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AI Image to NFT Minter

Creators can use the BabyAI NFT Minter to convert their favorite AI generated images into digital collectibles or full-scale generative "pfp" collections

BabyAI NFT Minter

BabyAI enables anyone to create with near limitless potential. Now, users can easily convert their AI creations into a digital collectible (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. As soon as the user is happy with the AI image/video generated, they can seamlessly mint it into an NFT with one click! This gives users provable ownership of their artwork.
By combining the power of AI and Web3, users can monetize their AI generated artwork with ease. It is now extremely easy to transfer ownership via NFTs and market to a large audience of collectors.
The BabyAI NFT Minter is launching with an initial focus on 1 of 1 digital collectibles and will scale to power creation of generative "Profile Picture" (pfp) collections! BabyAI NFTs include prompt keywords and image seeds/hashes within the metadata. Collectors and artists can search for these keywords via any NFT marketplace and navigate through all related creations. This provides a point of reference that others can build upon with their own generative artwork.

Build Generative NFT Collections

The most exciting and powerful feature of the BabyAI Minter is an ability to convert AI images into full-scale generative "Profile Picture" (pfp) collections. Users can build their own NFT collections with diverse traits, in any style, with no artists or coding required!
BabyAI NFTs store the prompt keywords and image seeds/hashes inside the NFT metadata which enables users to reference previously generated images in future creations. This is key for establishing the foundation for a generative "pfp" collection with many different traits. Proprietary BabyAI software randomizes traits and generates the entire NFT collection with no coding required. With BabyAI anyone can build their own generative NFT collection at a fraction of the cost!